Initial consultation and design brief

This is the beginning of the process where the client and designer have the opportunity to get to know each other and decide if they are a good fit for working together. A brief for the design is established and sent in a written format after the meeting for review with the design estimate.

Garden survey

When the brief and design estimate are accepted the process can then begin with a survey of the garden. For complicated spaces a land survey may also be required. The detailed measurements and site analysis are key components of the creative design process.

Design concept

The design concept is a visual presentation of how the garden could look. It takes the form of a 2D design drawing with printouts and an accompanying mood board or a 3D moving visual model presented on screen. At this stage the design features are discussed and can evolve and develop as required. I like to include key structural planting and samples of materials.

Design detailing

This is the refinement of the design concept to master plan drafted using architect’s software. This drawing is to scale and provides all the details necessary to build the garden. Detailed construction drawings may be required for complicated construction features.

Planting plan

This is where I bring the garden to life with planting!
It is a detailed plant palette of all the plants in the garden and their location. It includes specifications of size and numbers.

Landscape estimates

A construction estimate is submitted based on the design details.
I have a network of trusted craftsmen and contractors I use to build the gardens.

Due to the rigorous attention to detail and commitment necessary in professional garden design, we are unable to take on projects with a construction value of less than £10,000.

Project management

This allows the client to relax during the build. I visit site regularly when other contractors are involved to make sure the design detail and my vision are constructed to my exacting standards.